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Carrier Rooftop Unit Heating and Cooling Combined

Offering a wide range of units sized according to your specific heating and cooling needs. Unit sizing starts at two tons cooling capacity and increases. Traditional is placed on rooftops, however placed on a pad or steel frame beside a building at low level for buildings that have roof’s that cannot support the weight is common as well. Optional economiser can be added to the unit to allow one to take advantage of “free cooling”. When the mechanical cooling locks out in low ambient conditions below the traditional 10 degrees Celsius, fresh air dampers open up allowing outside air to be brought in through the unit to cool the space.

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Exhaust Fans

Exhaust FansShown is a downblast style exhaust fan. This style of fan is commonly used to exhaust a wide range of spaces. Bathroom’s, automotive shops, autobody shops, granite or machine shops, etc… Any space that requires a odor removed or an air change as per building code. Many exhaust fans are installed in conjunction with a make up air unit. One is only allowed to remove a determined amount of air out of a space before they have to replace the air to equal out pressures.

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Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Kitchen Exhaust FansShown is a upblast style exhaust fan that is commonly used for Kitchen exhaust. The design typically is placed on a roof however one can mount on the side of a structure. This design vents the exhaust fumes straight up and away from the building or structure. As well, it prevents any possible grease from staining the roof underneath the fan. The grease is collected in a tray mounted to the side of the van which requires cleaning periodically.

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Filtered Make Up Air Units

Make-Up Air Unit InteriorMany spaces, as per building code, require a air change to ventilate for the safety of the staff and occupants inside. When the amount of air removed is above a certain point, the air must be pre heated. The most common method is with natural gas. Units such as Engineered air, ICE, and Captive Air are commonly used. The size of unit is determined according to ones requirement. A exhaust system is typically included with the instillation.

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Kitchen Exhaust Canopies

Kitchen Exhaust CanopiesCanopies are designed to be strategically placed above a item that requires exhaust. Weather that be kitchen cooking stove equipment, a bread oven, a battery charging station for electric forklifts in a warehouse, laboratory equipment, etc… The shape and style of canopy is designed according to ones needs. A small canopy over a small kitchen stove to a 20’ long canopy over a restaurant kitchen cook stove and prep area.

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Infrared Tube Heaters

Garage Infrared Tube HeatersThis style of shop heating is commonly used in buildings and garages. They are typically quieter and require less maintenance as compared to a forced air style heater. They radiate the heat down towards the floor warming not only the air but the objects round. The objects retain the heat and stay warmer longer when cold air is allowed in. Where dust is present, this style of heater is preferred. Examples of this are carpentry shops, granite cutting shops, horse riding arena’s etc… they have a sealed burner head in which one can pipe the intake air directly from the exterior of the building.

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Shop Unit Heaters

Forced air unit heaters are commonly used for heating anything from a garage, utility shop, automotive shop, furniture showroom, etc… They range in size from a smell 30,000 BTU and up. Typically they are hung from the ceiling and vented either side wall or straight up through the roof. They are low profile and take up a minimal space in the structure. Typical maintenance is low, with simply keeping them clean by blowing out all parts and pieces via compressed air pending on the environment they are installed in.

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Standard Fall Mount Exhaust Fans

Standard Wall Mounted Exhaust FansThis style of fan is commonly used for side wall discharge. They are relatively simple to install and typically require a sheet metal rain hood on the exterior pending on the location of the fan. This particular style commonly come with a back draft damper built in to prevent drafts from entering into the structure in the off cycle. Prop fans can be used in many different applications from shop use, common exhaust, and even cooling purposes. Pending on the amount of air to be ventilated in the space, this style of fan may be installed in conjunction with a make-up air unit.

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Thermostats have really evolved over the years. There is many different models to choose from. Honeywell, White Rodgers, Carrier brands, etc...From a traditional swing arm style to a basic digital: to a programmable thermostat to a style that can be hooked up to the internet and operated via your hand held device anywhere in the world. Thermostats can be chosen to fit each person or business needs. Wireless thermostats have been a popular choice for quite some time due to the face in certain situations, there is no possible way to get the required wires from the appliance to the thermostat location.


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